“William opened his mouth and breathed his stink all over me!!”

27 Sep

I just don’t know another hell hotter than running errands with 3 cranky boys in the late September 103 degree heat in Phoenix.   Even as I sit here trying to type, they chase each other around the house slapping and laughing and squealing… and I tell you I am in no mood.  There aren’t enough chocolate-tipped candy corns in this 12 oz bag to make me happy and at 2:34 pm it’s way too early for a glass of Chardonnay.   

Deep breath.

And I was really trying so hard to be “Good Mom” today too.  The younger 2 boys have been clamoring for these new “Bakugan” toys that apparently can’t be kept on any store shelf.  I have no earthly idea what these Baku-things are or do.  All I know is that I have never had my pronunciation corrected more frequently by a 5 year old than I have since first hearing about these Baku-toys.  

We have made numerous trips to the Baku-aisle at Target, only to stare forlornly at the lonely empty Baku-hooks.  Though I have been relentlessly beseeched to make a side trip to the nearest Toys-R-Us to check their Baku-stock; I have heretofore declined.  Today though I relented.  

I had had enough of the begging and the pleading and the imploring so I finally decided to endure the driving and the parking and the walking and the cautioning and the bickering and the admonishing and the searching and the inquiring and the hurrying and twitching and the salivating and finally the breathless locating of the…NOTHING … and then it was the gasping and the disbelieving and the sulking and the whining and the wailing and the crying (tho’ no tearing) and then it was my own comforting and consoling and promising devolving into griping and muttering and eye-rolling as I grabbed hands, turned tail and headed back out to the car…  

The man at Toys R Us told us that they would have more Baku-thingys in stock next Friday morning, but to get there early because they flew off the shelves in minutes.  “How?” I wondered, when most kids are in school where they can’t badger their mothers to death to go get them until much later on a weekday afternoon…  

Then I pictured a horde of Baku-moms in their track suits and fashionable baseball caps descending on the store as soon as the doors open, hell-bent on their mission to obtain as many of those little plastic spheres as possible– despite having no earthly idea what they are or do…  

And the minute the doors open there is the hurrying and the racing and the sprinting and the breathless locating and the jockeying and the clamoring and the grabbing and the accusing and the arguing and the insulting and the cursing and the pushing and the shoving and the slapping and the hair-pulling and the Manager-paging and the yelling and the 911-dialing and the police arriving and the arresting and the cuffing and the booking and the charging and the one-phone calling and crying and the bailing…  

All in a fruitless attempt to avoid any future episodes of the …begging and the pleading and the imploring…


One Response to ““William opened his mouth and breathed his stink all over me!!””

  1. Bakugan Toys October 6, 2008 at 7:59 am #

    Each Bakugan piece consists of a marble that is rolled across the battle arena until it lands on a Bakugan card, thereby unlocking and transforming the playing piece into a particular fighting position.

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